Are 21’s Better Than Barbell Curls


Increasing the time under tension can help to strengthen your biceps muscle and increase their hypertrophy. This can be done by using weight machines, resistance bands or even your own bodyweight.

You’ll need to work up a sweat in order to see results, so make sure you give it a try. Incorporating this type of training into your routine will also help improve your overall fitness level and coordination skills.

Working out with increased pressure is ultimately going to lead to better arm development – don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Are 21’s Better Than Barbell Curls?

Increasing time under tension (TUT) can help to strengthen your biceps muscle and increase your Biceps Hypertrophy. To achieve these results, perform sets of 8-12 reps at a moderate tempo with heavy weight or use an e-machine that applies resistance through the use of cables or bands.

Keep in mind that it takes about two weeks for muscles to adapt to increased TUT, so be patient and keep working hard. For best results, incorporate this exercise routine into your regular workout regimen so you see noticeable gains quickly. Make sure to drink plenty of water while performing this type of training as dehydration can lead to weaker arms.

Increased Time Under Tension

Yes, 21’s are better than barbell curls because they require more time under tension. This will lead to stronger and bigger muscles since the muscle fibers will have more time to grow.

It’s important to use a weight that is challenging but not too heavy or you’ll end up with injuries down the road. You can also try using different grips and rep ranges when doing 21’s in order to target different parts of your muscles.

Make sure you take regular breaks so your body has enough rest and recuperation time between sets.

Strengthens Biceps Muscle

Yes, 21’s are better than barbell curls when it comes to strengthening the biceps muscle. The resistance provided by the 21’s will cause more muscle fibers to be activated and result in a greater stimulus for growth.

You can use either type of curl – front or back – but make sure you keep your form correct so that you don’t injure yourself. Try incorporating 21’s into your workout routine three days per week for best results over time.

Biceps are one of the most visible muscles on the body, so making them stronger will help improve your overall appearance.

Increase Biceps Hypertrophy

Yes, 21’s are better than barbell curls when it comes to increasing biceps hypertrophy. The two exercises have different effects on the muscle fibers and can lead to different results in terms of strength and size gains.

Barbell curls work the entire muscle while 21’s target just the outer portion, resulting in a more targeted workout that leads to greater growth potential. If you’re new to working out, start with barbell curls first and then move onto 21’s as your muscles get stronger and bigger.

Make sure you warm up properly before starting any exercise routine—this will help avoid injury and maximize results.

Are 21’s good as a bicep workout?

Yes, 21’s can be a great workout for your biceps. They stimulate new muscle growth and build strength at the hardest parts of the exercise. Make sure to vary the range-of-motion so that you’re challenging all of your muscles.

Try doing 21’s with a weight that is just slightly heavier than what you are used to working with, in order to challenge yourself even more.

Are 21s good for muscle growth?

There is some debate about whether or not using 21s in your workout routine can help you gain muscle. While there are a few studies that suggest this may be the case, most experts believe that any type of exercise is good for overall muscle growth.

  • 21s can be great for muscle growth if you are training the right way. When you overload your muscles, they will get a good pump and both myofibrillar (muscle fibers) and sarcoplasmic (cytoplasmic) growth will occur.
  • Training in a 21-day cycle provides an intense stimulus which causes more muscle growth than other types of cycles.
  • Both aerobic exercise and resistance training produce gains in muscle mass when performed on a regular basis over time, but results may be greater with a21-day cycle as it provides an increased intensity of stimulus that is not possible with traditional periodsized training programs.

What type of curls is most effective?

There are a lot of different types of curls that can be used to achieve the desired look. Curls can be styled using a flat iron, curling wand or hair dryer. It’s important to choose the type of curl that will work best for your hair and skin type.

  • Concentration curls are the most effective type of curl when it comes to targeting the muscle fibers that you want to work. This is because they target the larger muscles in your body while forcing them to contract over a longer period of time.
  • EZ-bar curls are another common type of curl which targets smaller, more superficial muscles. They also require less effort than concentration curls and can be done quickly and easily at home with minimal equipment required.
  • Incline curls involve holding a weight above your head and then slowly lowering it towards your chest, targeting the bigger muscle groups located near your shoulder blades.
  • Preacher curls focus on isolating one specific muscle group by gripping a barbell with both hands before slowly lifting it up towards your shoulders; this exercise works those pesky biceps.
  • Curls are an important part of any fitness regime, but it’s important to choose the right type for you in order to achieve maximum results – don’t forget about our five point guide below.

Is it better to curls barbell or dumbbell?

It depends on your goals. If you’re looking to build muscle, curls with a barbell are the better option because they provide more resistance. However, if you just want to tone your muscles, using dumbbells will be more effective because they require less weight and therefore produce fewer reps per set.

Each has its own benefits and drawbacks – so it’s important to choose the type of curl that best suits your needs. Make sure to use proper form when doing curls so that you don’t injure yourself in the process.

How often should I do 21s?

Do 21s twice a week for the best results. Start with two to three sets per exercise and work your way up as you become stronger. Use 40 to 50 percent of your 1RM when doing 21s, so that you are challenging but still safe.

Always be mindful of your form and don’t overdo it in order to avoid injury.

Are 21s good for hypertrophy?

Yes, 21s can be good for hypertrophy if you use them in a way that increases metabolic stress. This increased metabolic stress causes muscle growth because it leads to more protein synthesis and more anabolic hormones like testosterone.

The longer you keep your muscles under tension with the 21s technique, the greater the chance of muscle growth. Using 21s also helps you train harder and faster because it overloads your muscles quickly and consistently.

What weight should you be for 21s?

To ensure your safety and avoid injury, it’s important to choose a weight that is 40% of what you can normally lift 10 times. Once you have chosen your weight, take one second to lift the weight and one second to lower it back down.

This will help minimize strain on your joints and muscles, ensuring a safe workout experience. Always consult with a trainer or doctor before starting any new exercise routine if you are unsure about how intense the workout should be for your age group or bodyweight category.

How fast can I add an inch to my arms?

There’s no real answer to this question – it depends on your genetics and body composition. However, if you’re unhappy with the amount of arm growth you’ve been experiencing, there are a few things that you can do to increase your muscle mass.


There are a number of things that you can do to help speed up the process of adding an inch to your arms. One important part of this equation is diet. When you eat healthy foods, your body will start producing more muscle mass and less fat. This will allow you to add more inches to your arms faster than if you weren’t eating healthy.

Training Schedule

Another key factor in the Speed Armbuildingprocess is a consistent training schedule. When you consistently workout, your muscles will grow larger and stronger over time which will then give you better results when it comes to adding an inch to your arm muscles quickly.


While there isn’t any one supplement that can magically help speed up the process of adding an inch to your arms, there are supplements available that can support muscle growth and development at various stages during the Speed Armbuilding Process . These supplements include creatine , B-12 , arginine , beta alanine , caffeine and green tea extract . It’s important that you speak with a doctor before taking these supplements as some may have dangerous side effects if taken incorrectly or in high doses.


A good way to speed up the process of adding an inch or two (or even more)to your arms is by ensuring that you’re drinking enough water each day. Not only does hydration play a role in keeping our bodies functioning properly, but it also helps us lose weight fast without having any harmful side effects.

lifestyle changes

Finally, make sure to make some positive lifestyle changes that’ll work alongside working towards added arm size -these could include getting plenty of sleep each night, maintaining a nutritious diet full of protein and fibrous vegetables, moderating alcohol consumption and avoiding smoking .

To Recap

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some people believe that 21’s are better than barbell curls because they provide more muscle stimulation, while others argue that the barbell curl provides a greater range of motion.

Ultimately, it depends on your goals and preferences as an athlete.

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